Kishan Munroe is a documentarian, researcher and interdisciplinary artist whose practice comprises painting, drawing, photography, film, installation art and engineering. Fortified by a framework of extensive historical analysis he uses his structures, documentary footage and the composition of visual commentary as catalysts for social consciousness of underexplored narratives.

Munroe, an avid explorer, frequently engages in anthropological expeditions, investigating histories steeped in conflict, their sociopolitical contexts and the interrogation of collective memory. These ventures are a continuation of an ambitious solo trek around the world entitled “The Universal Human Experience”. This multi-layered, fact-finding mission examines the continuum of various conflicts and resolutions that have shaped cultures of opposition. The artist ultimately seeks to identify the common threads shared throughout humanity.

Munroe’s most notable work to date, “Swan Song of the Flamingo”, unearthed and more thoroughly investigated a brief but tragic conflict between the Bahamas and Cuba, that occurred as a consequence of high tensions during the “Cold War” era – the sinking of HMBS Flamingo and subsequent invasion of Bahamian territory by the Cuban Air Force (1980). Through this unprecedented endeavor he brought to light the significance of this series of events, etching it in the Bahamian psyche. Evidencing art as a potent tool for education, intervention and resolution, this project went on to receive international acclaim.

Munroe was educated at the Savannah College of Art and Design (BFA Painting and 3D Computer Generated Visual Effects, 2003, and MFA Painting, 2006). His major exhibitions include Relational Undercurrents (2017-2019), a survey of contemporary art from the Global Caribbean, USA, Arrivants: Art and Migration in the Anglophone Caribbean World (2018-2019), University of the West Indies, Barbados Museum and Historical Society, Barbados and his solo exhibition Swan Song of the Flamingo (2013), National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. His awards include the Bridget Jones Award for Cultural Studies, UK, the Bahamian Icon Award for Fine Art (Bahamas), National Endowment for the Performing Arts (Bahamas), The Governor’s Choice Award (Bahamas) and, the Combined Merit Fellowship at Savannah College of Art and Design (USA). Kishan Munroe lives and works in Nassau, Bahamas where he currently serves as Assistant Professor of Visual Art and Art Education at The University of The Bahamas.

Kishan Munroe